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A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Only after the collapse of bouzey dam, in 1895, and the uplift effect begin to be accounted for as an important load. In progress design of doublecurvature arch dams planning. A concrete gravity dam is a massive concrete structure, roughly triangular in shape, and designed so that its weight ensures structural stability against the hydrostatic pressure of the impounded water and other forces that may act on the dam.

Determination of various forces which acts on the structure is the first step in the design of dams. To design a dam, various forces must be considered to insure the safety of the. A gravity dam has been defined as a structure which is designed in such a way that its own weight resist the external forces and this type of structure is most durable and solid. Both of the dams present a stable geometry but the wall volumes differ by about 45%. And furthermore, the factor of safety against sliding and overturning of the dam can be checked on that particular condition. Gravity dam loads on concrete dams loads can be classified in terms of applicabilityrelative importance as primary loads, secondary loads, and exceptional loads. Horizontal pressure by the water at the upstream and downstreamtail water. View gravity dams 2 from engineerin 101 at tarlac state university.

Gravity dam is so proportioned that its own weight resists the forces acting upon it. All the predominant forces that act on the dam have been shown in the figure itself. Analysis of concrete gravity dam by 3d solid element modeling. Design and construction of concrete gravity dams nptel. In fact, it can be noticed that, mainly for traditional reasons, straight gravity structures, conventional or rcc gravity dams, but also fill dams with a core or a. Gravity dams require maximum amounts of concrete for their construction as compared with other kinds of concrete dams, and resist dislocation by the hydrostatic pressure of reservoir water by sheer weight. The section of the gravity dam is approximately triangular in shape, with its apex at its top and maximum width at. Technically a concrete gravity dam derives its stability from the force of gravity of the materials in.

Forces acting on gravity dams 1 dam force free 30day trial. A gravity dam is a solid structure, made of concrete or masonry, constructed across a river to create a reservoir on its upstream. That is, the dam has a center of gravity low enough that the dam will not topple if unsupported at the abutments. Gravity dams forces acting on gravity dam a gravity dam is subjected to the following main forces. The area refers to the surface of the dam that come into direct contact with the water. Hydrody namic forces result from water changing speed and direction as it flows over a spillway.

Mar 04, 2014 for the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. A gravity dam is a dam constructed from concrete or stone masonry and designed to hold back water by primarily using the weight of the material alone to resist the horizontal pressure of water pushing against it. The common procedure for the design of concrete gravity dams has been linear analyses. Aug 03, 2017 dam with water at its full reservoir level is subjected forces due to iwater pressure. Forces acting on gravity dam weight of the dam, w in a gravity dam the weight of the structure is the main stabilizing force, and hence the construction material should be as heavy as possible. Gravity dams may be classified by plan as straight gravity dams and curved gravity. Problem 266 resultant of nonconcurrent force system. Gravity dam casei reservoir full case when reservoir is full, the major forces acting are weight of the dam, external water pressure, uplift.

Determine p1 and p2 and also the horizontal resistance to sliding. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Adi forces acting on gravity dam ce in hindi youtube. The hydraulic pressure is a horizontal force, acts on. The resistance to sliding is a function of the cohesion c inherent in the. Seismic response of concrete gravity dam altair university. Crown cantilevers have evolved from shapes that look more like thin gravity dams.

The forces that acting on the gravity dam with the. A detailed sketch of a gravity dam is shown in fig. A gravity dam is designed in such a way that it resists all external forces acting on the dam like water pressure, wind pressure, wave pressure, ice pressure, uplift pressure by its own selfweight. An arch gravity dam or arched dam is a dam with the characteristics of both an arch dam and a gravity dam. No stress in the dam shall exceed safe limit of the construction materials. These forces are considered to act per unit length of the dam.

Oct 19, 2012 through the arch dam into the foundation. It requires less maintenance and it can be constructed with masonry or concrete. Exercise problem 1 a concrete gravity dam 15 m height will be constructed with the dimensions shown in the figure below. The pressure due to water in the reservoir and that of the tailwater acting on. The design of rcc gravity dams is similar to conven.

F density of water acceleration of gravity height of the water2 width of the dam x height of the water. It is intended to implement an internal drainage facility, which would reduce uplift pressure by about 20%. Description of forces acting on the dam, and its analysis. Different forces acting on gravity dam civil engineering. Forces acting on gravity dam and their magnitude and line of action. Concrete face rockfill dam compared to roller compacted. It is the type of dam built on solid rock foundation to withhold whatever external forces may be exerted on it. All the predominant forces that act on the dam have been. The second case is intended to represent an aged dam or a damaged dam, characterized by a youngs modulus of 15 gpa. Gravity dams gravity dams criteria for selection of dam site, construction material, forces acting on gravity dam, modes of failure, stability analysis, safety criteria, methods of design, stress analysis and stress contours, galleries, instrumentation, joints, keys, water seals, temperature control in concrete dams, foundation treatment. Forces acting on a gravity dam gravity dam computation of. Forces acting on a dam structure and calculations the constructor. The shape of arch dams has changed at reclamation figure dover the years1. Gravity dams arch dams buttress dams 3 based on usage of dam.

Forces acting on a gravity dams with diagram geography. Finite element modelling of cracking in concrete gravity dams qingbo cai a thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of philosophiae doctor engineering in the faculty of engineering, built environment and information technology university of pretoria june 2007. Weight of the dam per unit length is equal to the product of the area of crosssection of the dam and the specific weight or unit weight of the material. Stability analysis of gravity dam using staad pro youtube.

Gravity dams are constructed from masonry or concrete. Forces like temperature stresses and wind pressure have not been shown. Gravity dams 2 gravity dams forces acting on gravity dam. Failure of gravity dam occurs due to overturning, sliding, tension and compression. Failure of gravity dams causes and its failure modes. Shear strength of damfoundations rock interface a case study. The water presses laterally downstream on the dam, tending to overturn the dam by rotating about its toe a point at the bottom downstream side of the dam. Masonry gravity dams a numerical application for stability. The dam will have a nonoverflow section on the western side and a channel spillway section on the eastern side ministry of water recourses and electric power of peoples republic of china, 1979. Limiting height of gravity dams, as well as considerations on low and high gravity dams b. Pressure acts through the center of gravity of the water column resting on the sloping upstream face. Problem 353 the forces acting on a 1m length of a dam are shown in fig.

Ice pressures being uncommon in indian context have been omitted. The forces acting on an overflow dam or spillway section are complicated by steady state hydrodynamic effects. Stability analysis of concrete gravity dam using fem dragan rakic1, milan bojovic1, snezana vulovic1, miroslav zivkovic1, dejan divac2, nikola milivojevic2 1faculty of engineering, university of kragujevac, sestre janjic 6, 34000 kragujevac, serbia. By researching the size and direction of all the forces acting on a dam, engineers design a structure that is able to resist all these forces. Gravity dam definition of gravity dam by merriamwebster. Forces acting on gravity dams 1 free download as word doc.

Breaking this formula down even further, we can write. Fem modeling of concrete gravity dams 3 figure 3 an aerial photo of the baozhusi dam and hydropower station. Dam with water at its full reservoir level is subjected forces due to iwater pressure. The dam must be strong and sturdy and have strong connections to the ground, in the form of foundations, to help it stand. Gravity dams are designed so that each section of the dam is stable and independent of any other dam section. There is no reinforcement in an arch dam, so tensile stresses are to be minimized by shaping to reduce the potential for cracking in the concrete. For good design, this intersection should occur within the middle third of the base. Pdf comparison of design and analysis of concrete gravity dam. Dec 14, 2016 discussion on the calculation of forces acting on concrete gravity dam concrete dam engineering 48 for further reading. Pdf seismic response of concrete gravity dam researchgate.

Different types of forces acts on a dam structure such as water pressure, self weight, wave pressure etc. Where m is the specific weight of the dams material. Gravity dam definition is a dam so proportioned that it will resist overturning and sliding forces by its own weight. The forces to be resisted by a gravity dam fall into two categories as given below. It is a dam that curves upstream in a narrowing curve that directs most of the water pressure against the canyon rock walls, providing the force to compress the dam. Unit weight of concrete 24 knm 3 and masonry 23 kn.

In a gravity dam, the force that holds the dam in place against the push from the water is earths gravity pulling down on the mass of the dam. Further details on temperature control methods are provided in chapter 6. The dam is composed of three blocks of equal heights. Ferc engineering guidelines riskinformed decision making. Forces acting on a solid gravity dam one of the primary design requirements in case of concrete or masonry gravity dam built on rock foundation is to ensure adequate factor of safety for shear and sliding failure at the dam foundation interface. The magnitude of dead load is considered equal to the weight of concrete plus appurtenances such as gates and bridges. Problem 266 determine the resultant of the three forces acting on the dam shown in fig. Stability analysis of concrete gravity dam an overview. Chapter r5 concrete dam analysis arch, gravity and buttress dams chapter 5, concrete dams 4 2014 draft has little effect on the probability of a failure mode, however a discontinuity such as a. Dams are classified on several aspects, some of the important aspects are as follow. By plotting of uplift pressure distribution under the dam foundation as shown on figures follow.

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