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Featuring korean fantasy martialarts, blade and soul is a freetoplay massively. This latest character class is available to the gon, jin, and yun character races and is the ninth class to be added to the game. Oct 29, 2015 i have the same problem, it seems that if i dont load the game with wtfast i can get in no problems after waiting the queue, but if wtfast is up and there is a queue itll disconnect me. By doing this, wtfast will optimize your game connection from endtoend. Jan 26, 2016 path of exile updated beginners guide. Several weeks before, he was visited by iksanun and kuwin which was the last time anyone saw iksanun.

Reduce your ping in games like aion, final fantasy xiv, blade and soul naeu, archeage, guild wars 2, league of legends nasea,world of warcraft wow and more. Idle heroeso how to make progress faster ultimate guide for new players in idle heroes duration. In wtfast, if you select all servers, there is also a sort by ping option so you can see the wtfast servers with the lowest ping to you. Despite some gameplay glitches soul blade was until the appearance of tekken 3 the most liked beat em up on sonys console. Click the download button to download the latest version of wtfast. Can you pls help me find the best way to configure wtfast for blade and soul eu.

The sequel soul calibur, a sega dreamcast launch title, erased the prequels glitches and is seen as one of the best titles on this console. Wtfast can help players from around the globe to play on servers in almost any continent. Im a hm gunslinger and play in eu in the server jinsoyun im spanish. But if your isp is decent itll stabilize your ping and lower it slightly. Taywo is the mayor of brightstone village mayor taywo was present during the events of the talus invasion of brightstone sixteen years before the current storyline. So i got bored and decided to make a jin blade master. We do not support those playing on private or unofficial game servers. How to ensure an optimal wtfast connection wtfast support.

In case the gamers got more than 1 internet source, we make it possible to use 2 simultaneously so as to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience should one internet provider fail. With updated version of kill ping, enjoy online gaming with optimized ping and smooth game connection subscribe now and get 2 years of lag free gaming in dota 2, lol, cs. Blade and soul game booster download ubersicht blade and soul. Haste is the best thing happend in my life i used to play with 170ms now 90 thanks. Battlefy is the simplest way to start, manage, and find esports tournaments across all major titles. Game content and materials are trademarks and s of their respective publisher and its licensors. Play the game free here cheap and awesome games to play games with ip block you need a. Blade and soul english overhaul for the chinese client. Jan 02, 2014 idle heroeso how to make progress faster ultimate guide for new players in idle heroes duration. Wtfast mempercepat koneksi dan ping game online download. An easy installer that gives you the option to also install uncensored textures. In order to make your character more powerful, use blade and soul gold to buy weapons or other goods. Now, aside from focusing on farming bns gold, all gamers competitively boost their characters, so how to boost fast in blade and soul is.

Haste pro races your traffic across multiple internet fast paths then reunites them at the game server. Today marked the release of ncsoft wests soul fighter class in their martialarts based mmo, blade and soul. Setup guide for battleping for lower ping for online games. Be wary of streaming applications and downloads happening on your. The wtfast gpn ensures the optimal transmission of your game data between your pc and the game server. While we do our best to calculate every hop along the route, there are some hop points that are behind firewalls or obfuscated i. You need a pingzapper account in order to use pingzapper. Windows 7 64bit or newer get started on haste free. Wtfast is actually pretty good, i dont think it will reduce ping much below 50 or make up for a bad isp. Ive enjoyed your program because it works fantastically with zero interference. When you have ping youll probably lose most of your games. Close programs downloading or streaming musicvideo. I have the same problem, it seems that if i dont load the game with wtfast i can get in no problems after waiting the queue, but if wtfast is up and there is a queue itll disconnect me. A solution to defeat laglatency issues for online gaming.

The revolution of action combat arms conquer online 1. Mmosky are providing cheap and fast delivery blade and soul gold. Check the recommended setup details to make sure your system is compatible. Wtfast crack is one of the best software which is phenomenal in all over the world. Solved blade and soul let us use lower ping programs. Wtfast is the gamers private network gpn, a global data network designed specifically for mmo gamer. What serverregion should i choose with manual server selection. Traffics would be delivered through two mudfish nodes. You wont have to go anywhere else to implement these server routing techniques to solve lag in blade and soul as kill ping can quite effectively do the thing for you.

Blade and soul wtfast eu guide germanenglish youtube. If you manually pick your wtfast server, your ip will stay static and you shouldnt have this problem. If internet has connectivity issue and loses connection every time then online gaming is far from human hands. Jan 27, 2016 if you manually pick your wtfast server, your ip will stay static and you shouldnt have this problem. Wtfast was able to impressively improve our ping in some tests if you have a slow ping of 150ms or more on your favorite online game or often want to connect to international game servers, or just want to get any edge you can, it may be worthwhile to give wtfast a try. So when there is a program that supports blade and soul that makes my ping go own to 30 why cant i use it. Wtfast only optimizes game connection data, and never masks or changes your. I open up bns with wtfast and get into game get into the wait to get on the server and i disconnect, but it only happens when i open the game through wtfast. Sep 02, 2015 wtfast adalah gamers private network gpn, jaringan data global yang dirancang khusus untuk mmo gamer dan data permainan mereka.

Pick a wtfast server close to where your game server is. If blade and soul lag is due to lack of servers then it can be minimized through optimized server routing. Battleping lowers ping, reduces lag in many online games. Blade and soul english overhaul china blade and soul.

Wtfast offers a free client download that connects you to the gpn gamers private network when you want to play. Please try our free trial before purchasing time to firstly ensure our service will help you. Wtfast full version, enjoy your ping in international game. As an emerging mmo, blade and soul has successfully attracted a large number of new and experienced gamers, it had reached,000 members in the first week. Everything you need to start playing poe 20192020 duration. I am asking because wtfast detects the game server in austin while i do play in europe, which i find a little bizarre. Once setup configuration is complete, the selected mudfish node will not change in the middle. Traffic passes through two mudfish nodes, but the selection of the first mudfish node changes automatically depending on the ping status. If for some reason, wtfast just wont work for you then try pingzapper.

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